From Barregarrow to Snetterton

Being unable to get out on my Velo recently, l was looking at some of the old negatives l have of the Sixties motor bike races. With the Classic TT/Manx Grand Prix now being announced as cancelled, l thought the this photo of Barregarrow might be of interest.

It was taken during an early 1960s TT, the same year as the photo of the ‘hedge-dwelling Scott’ that I sent earlier. Unfortunately, the names of the riders are lost in the mists of time. l am sure some readers will be able to recognise them.

Further to the Scott picture you got a couple of replies – one from George Simpson, Angus, in the September issue, regarding the fact that l mentioned my 1957 Adler MB250 which l had at the time.

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And a breathed-upon Adler at Snetterton.

Mr Simpson, an Adler fan, sent you a photo of an Adler and a Scott at Oliver’s Mount, Scarborough, which he thought l would be interested in, which I was.

Well, just to continue the saga it sparked me into remembering l had a photo of a water-cooled Adler that l took at Snetterton in the early 1960s and thought he and other readers, particularly the owner, may be interested.

Given the reception that the photo of the ‘hedge-dwelling Scott’ that Rod sent in received, could this image create as much correspondence?

Unlike Mr Simpson’s photo of an Adler, which still has pretty standard front forks and rear suspension, the Adler at Snetterton is a lot more ‘breathed on’ with a swinging arm rear suspension, different forks, twin coils, amongst others. They really were, are, great little bikes.

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Rodney Wildsmith, Great Ayton.

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