Floating nicely

Amal carburettor spares

The floats are designed to fit the AMAL Mk1, Mk2 concentric and monobloc instruments and each kit comes with everything needed to convert a carb and stop that sinking feeling. The AMAL Carburetter Company (Burlen Fuel Systems Ltd), the world’s sole manufacturer of all genuine new AMAL products, has announced the introduction of a range of ‘unsinkable’ floats made by StayUp.

The new adjustable height StayUp float is resistant to modern ethanol based fuels and has a military spec closed cell construction making it puncture proof. The ability to adjust the float arm allows for quick and easy minor alterations to float levels where required. The monobloc version is not adjustable, but a shim kit is available.

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Cost for the Mk1 & Mk2 StayUp Float – RKC/550 – £14.39 (inc VAT). For a Monobloc StayUp Float – RKC/391 – £14.39 (inc VAT)

You can buy them from the website (www.amalcarb.co.uk), directly from AMAL via telephone on 01722 412500 or by email at [email protected]

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