First bikes, take one

Your request for pictures of us readers on our first bike made me think of those careless days before National Service, marriage, family and so on, when there were just girlfriends, our mates, their bikes and the occasional glass of something in the pub on a Friday night.

This is a very happy me and my 1956 Tiger Cub on the beach at Goring-by-Sea in July 1958.

The bike had, by this time, acquired a megaphone silencer from a friend’s G9 Matchless.


It didn’t make the bike go any faster but it sure sounded good! Deep, just like a 500, instead of that ’orrible hard, flat, ‘crack’ of the Cub that could be heard three streets away.

Note the tie, the goggles perched on the flat cap and the submarine socks tucked into the wellies. I felt great!

Ah well, tempus fugit!


Mike Estall

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