Don’t show this to Health & Safety

I thought that this print might give the health and safety brigade a few challenging moments.

The venue is a garden fete being held in the grounds of a hospital situated between Blackheath and Woolwich, some time in the late Forties or early Fifties.

The intrepid contestants are Paddy (I bumped into him some 15 years ago) mounted on an AJS and his passenger was I believe Ken Turnbull, who took the lead, closely followed by Ian Wheeler on a Royal Enfield and the nattily dressed passenger wearing a tweed jacket, gauntlets and ex- DR boots was yours truly.


Ian went on to become a renowned clarinettist, playing in some of the top dixieland jazz bands of that era, and passed away a few years ago.

We were all members of the Greenwich and DMC and, at that time, I was trialling a BSA Bantam followed by a brief period of riding a Rudge Ulster outfit on the grass, without a great deal of success.

At the tender age of 86 I am still riding an elderly Kawasaki ER5 with a great deal
of caution and awareness of other road users, but there are a great many individuals out there who believe they are immortal.


Super days – great times to have lived in and remember.

Anthony Hulls,

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