Davida visor

Davida strap-held motorcycle helmet visor

What is it? It’s a universal 75 JPV1 visor from D4Vi9A that transforms the open face riding experience. With a preformed ‘Fighter Pilot’ shaped lens, that’s riveted to a sprung stainless steel rim, it is secured to the helmet using an elasticated headband rather than traditional studs. This combination of design features means the 75 JPV1 follows the exact curvature of the Jet shell and can be left to sit securely on the helmet, in the up position without creating any annoying vibration from turbulence. When required it is easily pulled down over the eyes using one hand.

What’s it cost? It’s available in clear, light smoke, dark smoke at RRP £50 plus VAT and in silver mirror at RRP £60 plus VAT
750001 – clear ECER2205 approved
750002 – light smoke ECER2205 approved (daytime use only)
750003 – dark smoke not approved
750004 – silver mirror not approved
750003 & 750004 do not conform to any current road safety standard. Please check legality of dark smoke and mirror visors in your region/country.

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Where can you get it? davida.co.uk for full range of products and location of distributors and dealers worldwide. Davida (UK) Ltd, 4-6 Pilgrim Street, Birkenhead, Merseyside CH41 5EJ. Tel: +44 (0)151 647 2419. Email [email protected]

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