Continental treats for veteran and vintage fans

The Veteraan Motoren Club of The Netherlands concentrates on veteran and vintage events with a cut-off date of 1940, and its members are kindred spirits to those of our own Sunbeam Club, writes David Davies.

Some of the veteran and vintage machines that regularly take part in Dutch events, like this amazing wooden-bodied three-wheeler, are quite outstanding. The photo was taken by Bill Phelps in 2008.

This makes a trip to Holland well worth considering, for the roads and food are excellent, and the Dutch speak better English than we do. The downside is that they are almost unbeatable in time trials!

This year’s events include a run for pre-1915 machines at Gees, not far from Hoogeveen, on April 22, and the following day the Dutch equivalent of our Pioneer Run, the Horsepower Run, will take place at Veenhuizen, not far from Assen, which is open to motorcycles built up to and including 1920.


Other parts of the near continent also have some veteran and vintage treats in store, including:

The following weekend there will be an event for pre-1915 machines in Osthofen, Germany, on April 29/30 as well as a one-day event in the Dutch town of Enter, not far from Almelo.

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