Conquering heroes on three wheels!

Nigel Darken tells the story of the ‘Tour de Lard’ – a madcap idea involving two motorcycle combinations and three very secondhand Reliant three-wheelers that raised no less than £27,000 for charity.

Yet another ‘Pig down’ stop takes place amid magnificent mountain scenery.
Yet another ‘Pig down’ stop takes place amid magnificent mountain scenery.

Reading an article in a classic bike magazine about the ‘interesting’ aspects of sidecar handling prompts me to tell the tale of the Tour de Lard’, which involved bolting a sidecar on to my ageing Norton 650SS for a charity fund-raising event – but relax, for the event is long gone, and vast sums were raised for the chosen charity, so it’s safe to read on without fear of being asked for a donation!

Wind back to the winter of 2013-14 and picture a remote pub in the wilds of Hertfordshire where, through sheer perversity, I found myself one cold Monday night (we cycle every Monday night) with a pint having travelled there with half a dozen colleagues discussing what our next fundraising event could be.

Some bright spark came up with the idea of attempting the highest paved road in Europe on anything old and with three wheels, travelling there and back under our own steam in a week. During the 1800-mile round trip, the highest pass would be the Col de la Bonette, at almost 3000m.

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