Go places! Do things!

If there’s one thing that those of us with a fanatical passion for classic motorcycles are not short of, it’s things to do.

Aside from the maintenance, restoration and improvement of our bikes, of course.

I’m a firm believer in riding your classic bike, anywhere and everywhere, and not just ‘saving’ it for Sunday best, despite the fact that many of the destinations listed over the following few pages will have their event on a Sunday…

A pack of Sunbeams overshadows the edifice of Stanford Hall at Founders Day.

Of course, you don’t have to actually have a destination in mind whenever you head out on your motorcycle, but if you plan ahead with somewhere to go, then there’s a far higher likelihood of you actually getting the bike out of the garage, and you’ll also stand a far better chance of meeting up with friends and like-minded folk if you head to somewhere with a classic bike bias than if you just head out for a random ride.

With a potential list of rallies, runs, long distance trials, shows, club meetings, road race events, hill climbs and so much more that would more than fill the pages of this oversized issue of Old Bike Mart several times over, we’ve made just a few suggestions to tickle your classic bike taste buds.

If there’s anything here that you’ve not experienced before, why not pay it a visit?


At the very least, it’ll be a ride out to somewhere new, and you don’t have to actually take part, although I’ll not guarantee that you won’t get a hankering to become a more inclusive member of the scene…

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