Classic Motorshow

Some very special ‘specials’ will be at show

Show manager Andy Rouse said: “Every year we have an incredible array of motorcycles at the show.

“All of them have a unique and often hidden tale to tell. For example, some have been in families for generations and some were maybe discovered in bizarre circumstances. Some have undoubtedly taken part in significant events in history and some will have been on some truly astonishing journeys.

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“Some of the vehicles were also part of bigger stories involving the manufacturers; maybe they were the model that broke the mould, or resulted in massive success or failure.

“Others may have been integral to storytelling itself, having appeared in a film or on TV or perhaps they belonged to a famous face for a while.

“We are encouraging clubs and owners to interpret the theme in their own way to best tell their motorcycles’ stories to our show visitors.”

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Some of the motorcycles with the best stories may be invited to exhibit at the show or make an appearance on the live stage with Wheeler Dealers’ Mike Brewer and Edd China over the three days of the event.

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