Car Number Classics by Nicholas Young

Reviewed by Julie Diplock

Don’t be misled by the title, there’s just tons of interest for the veteran motorcycle enthusiast in this tome.

Where records have survived, it covers every single (ie one letter, one digit) UK registration from A1 – Y1 and all of the English and Welsh double-letter numbers issued as at January 1, 1904 (AA – FP) when compulsory registration was introduced.


In most authorities some 35% of the vehicles registered were motor bicycles, tricycles or quadricycles, so there is plenty of motorcycle content in this book.

Scottish and Irish double-letter numbers are also included, but to a lesser extent. Wherever possible, each registration number is accompanied by a photo of the original vehicle, and also the current vehicle.

There’s a strong emphasis on social history and many motorcycling names stand out, including Frank Applebee (Scott), Olive Berners (latterly Mrs Walker), Canon Basil Davies (‘Ixion’) and Muriel Hind.


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