Calipers refurbed

Following mention of their brake caliper refurb kits last month, we can also point out that Brake Masters can rebuild and refurb calipers themselves.

The rebuild comprises the caliper being stripped, cleaned and rebuilt, while the refurb includes the same processes with the addition of the caliper being recoated, essentially becoming as good as new.

For refurb, a single or twin piston caliper is £68 while a rebuild is £44, with prices rising for more pistons, with the four-piston calipers being £79 and £57, and six potters (rather rare in the world of classic bikes!) are £89 and £66.


Given that the end result will be that a caliper is virtually as good as new, and in many cases having a finish that is far more durable than that applied to calipers at the factory, this is significantly cheaper than buying a new caliper if, indeed, one is available at all!

Brake Masters are at Unit 3A Broom Park, Bridge Way, Chesterfield, S41 9QG, while their kits can be found on ebay or on the website at

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