Brough and Aston joint venture

Two of the most wallet-stretching brands in the worlds of cars and motorcycles have joined forces to produce this, the AMB 001, produced via an unholy alliance between Aston Martin and Brough Superior.

While the bike’s looks may make your eyes boggle, just wait until you hear the price…

Using the 997cc water-cooled V-twin powerplant and chassis components from the Brough Superior bikes that are built in Toulouse, France, the new machine has carbon fibre bodywork that is clearly influenced by the car manufacturer’s styling, and is also equipped with a turbocharger to give an impressive 180bhp at the back wheel!


With a limited edition run of just 100 units, the chances are high that they will sell out, despite a price in excess of £100,000…

What’s the saying? If you have to ask the price…

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