Brighton Speed Trials’ future confirmed

Given the Covid-19 issues surrounding motorcycle events this year, it comes as no great surprise to hear that this year’s Brighton Speed Trials will not be taking place.

However, not all of the news regarding the Madeira Drive event is depressing, as it now appears that there’s been a council U-turn regarding future events on Madeira Drive, meaning that the speed trials – among other vehicular activities – will be able to return to the venue in future years!

It’s interesting to note that it is claimed that the petition to save the speed trials had one of the highest numbers of signatories ever recorded in the area, suggesting that the event is held dear in the hearts of many locals, as well as racers and classic vehicle enthusiasts.

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Of course, events held on Madeira Drive bring many thousands of pounds of revenue into the area, with Brighton Speed Trials doing so since its inaugural event back in 1905.

The sights, sounds and smells of the speed trials are set to return in September 2021.

The double whammy of heritage and financial incentives has proved to be a winner in this case!

Meanwhile, the date for the 2021 Brighton Speed Trials has been applied for, with the hope that it’ll be confirmed for Saturday, September 4.

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