BMW goodies

It’ll come as no surprise to anyone reading this that we are fast approaching a certain time of year at which presents are given and received.

It’s also no surprise that we motorcyclists are either an absolute nightmare to buy presents for, or as easy as pie, depending on your personal perspective.

If you’re of the former point of view, then here are a few ideas, particularly pertinent to anyone owning a certain brand of motorcycle…


The wall clock has a high quality metal frame and a curved glass front, is of 31cm diameter and 5cm depth, and has a battery-powered quartz movement for accuracy – none of which is especially outstanding until you hear that the clock is just £34.

If even that is a touch too much, then how about a wall thermometer at £11, an enamel mug also at £11, embossed metal service and ‘BMW parking only’ signs at £19 and £18, or ceramic mugs at nine quid each?

All of these are available from the UK’s number one outlet for BMW accessories –


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