'Bloody head on a stick' – Dragon tales and nightmares from 1964

With bikes sprinkled among the marquees and small tents, this is another overall view of the 1964 Dragon Rally site. During the evening there was a spectacular headlight parade down from the ‘castle’.

After passing my riding test on a Royal Enfield Crusader in 1963, at last I was as free as a bird and could go to all the places I’d read about in the motorcycle press. One of the obvious destinations was North Wales for the 1964 Dragon Rally.

Not being in well-paid work however (all my cash being spent on my motorcycle, and the running of it), my preparations for the event were rather sparse. I didn’t even have a proper sleeping bag.

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Then, catastrophe! On New Year’s Eve 1963, I was travelling to work on the Enfield when a car driver decided to enter the traffic stream exactly where I was, and no way could I avoid running in to the side of his vehicle.

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