Big cats, and travelling in chairs

Recently I travelled from the north east to Lancashire to visit my cousin, Laura Yates, who is not in the best of health, and during the visit her daughter got some old photos out.

Among the photos was one of her late husband on a motorcycle and, like myself, he was a keen motorcyclist.

Anyway, I have enclosed the said photo. Now, I think it is a Panther but would love to know what model it is and possibly what year it is. Also, I wonder if it is still on the road; its number appears to be CHN 805. It would be nice to know what happened to it.


By the way, a word to some of the older fraternity who keep selling their bikes because they say they are too heavy: I’m 84 years old and have had five sidecar outfits since I retired and still get out and enjoy myself (but only when the sun shines).

The rider is Alan Yates, in case some of his old friends recognise him.

Bob Hunter,


The DVLA website reports that the reg number is unknown, which suggests that the bike is no longer on the road. Unless any of our readers know any different? – Ed


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