Amal carb spares

Needle jets from Amal

What are they? They’re Monobloc ‘T’ needle jets as fitted to certain models of Monobloc carburettors. These needle jets, originally made for trials bikes, don’t have the cross drilling that standard jets have. This gives a sharper response from tickover as needed in trials riding. Used as original equipment on Triumph unit TR6 and Police models, T20 Super Cubs,  AMC, Ariel and Greeves, Anglian trials bikes and Greeves 24MX scramblers. They are available in 105T, 106T and 107T which have the part numbers:
Cost is £5.70 inc VAT but not delivery.

Carb repair kits
These the latest repair kits for 4, 74, 274, Type 5, 75, 275 Type 6, 76, 276 and Type 29, 89, 289. A full range of repair kits for Amal carb repair kitspre-Monobloc or standard carburettors is now available from the Amal Carburetter Company.  Each kit contains a set of gaskets, pilot air screw and spring, throttle needle, clip and cotter pin, and your choice of main and needle jets.

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When ordering, please use the following part numbers and quote your required Jet sizes.
TYPE 4, 74, 274 – RKC/594
TYPE 5, 75, 275 – RKC/595
TYPE 6, 76, 276 – RKC/596
TYPE 29, 89, 289 – RKC/597
What’s the cost? The pre-Monobloc repair kit is £20.39 inc VAT but not delivery.
Where can you get them? directly from the AMAL Carburetter Company via telephone on 01722 412500 or by email at [email protected]

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