All geared up for Gaffers Gallop

Fast forward 60 years and seven excited owners of what are now classic Terriers, including one from Belgium, are all counting down to the 60th Anniversary rerun of the Gaffers Gallop, which will start from Roche, near Bodmin at 11.40am on Sunday, October 6. In a bid to recreate Turner’s successful run as accurately as possible, the original route with stops including Leamington Spa, Carlisle and Inverness, should take five days and cover approximately 1008 teeth rattling miles.

Some members of the group are receiving support with building their bikes from Acme Stainless, RS Bike Paints and Mitas Tyres, while other kind individuals have offered help in other forms – Scott’s dad and Derek from Greystone Enterprises will be providing back up, Stuart Shaw, mounted on his Hinckley Bonnie, will be the official photo / videographer, and Jean-Marie Guivarc’h has created a modern day artwork most applicable to the Gallop. Two members of the group, Brett Baxter of B&B Engineering and Mike Estall, author of the Tiger Cub Bible, are raising money for charity, so if you would like to donate, just contact Brett on 01752 815443 or 07798 853502.

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If you fancy taking your Terrier (or Cub) for a Gallop with the gang, either for part of the route or the whole hog just get in touch with [email protected] and if you’d like a chuckle at the current condition of at least three of the bikes intended for the event, take a peek at www.gorgeous or find more info on Facebook by searching for the Gaffers Gallop 2013.

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