A Wright good show

Sammy Miller will bring along his race Jawa

There will be a display of Bultaco ‘Sherpas’ manufactured from 1965 to its ultimate demise in 1982. Then there’s the very last BSA factory trials bike – a 175cc Bantam, built by BSA in the competition shop by Norman Hanks in 1971.

As far as events go, the Pre 65 Scottish trial is 30 in 2014. All the winning machines – bar one which was dismantled and sold off in bits – and their surviving riders will be at Telford.

Also celebrating is the Scott Trial, hitting 100 in 2014 and a display of the event’s history is being produced for the show. Meanwhile, another highlight will be former ACU competition secretary Mary Driver, who will be on stage talking of the ‘old days’. With her will be the bike she competed on in the Scottish Six Days Trial – a 250cc Greeves. Here some more not to miss…

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Sammy Miller
Sam brings along two exclusive road racers from his museum collection – the Jawa V4 raced by Bill Ivy and Franta Stastny in 1967 and 68. There were only three ever built by the Czech factory. The bikes were phenomenally fast but prone to seizures due to poor quality iron curtain materials.

Star guest Brad Lackey
The very first US world motocross champion, a title achieved in 1982 after 10 long years on the 500cc circuits. ‘Bad Brad’, or as he was often known ‘Bad Luckey’, went through hell to achieve ultimate success.

Twin Shock motocross ‘bling’ display
Already the top 10 motocross ‘bling’ twinshockers have been chosen for the Telford grand final. Each is polished to a mirror finish.

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Show star guest Brad Lackey will choose the winning machine on Sunday afternoon.

A reunion of old scrambles and motocross riders from the 1950s, 60s and 70s will take place at Telford each day. Organised by a consortium of Arthur Browning, Dave and Anne Stowe, Scott Ellis and Mick Bowers, the gatherings will take place at 2pm on the Saturday and midday on the Sunday in the foyer area by the entrance paypoint.

Ian Hutchinson tops the bill (Sunday only)
This man won all five TT races in 2010 then had a horrendous crash at Silverstone three months later which nearly resulted in the amputation of one of his legs. Ian needed 29 operations to get back to fitness and return to racing. He did so last November at the Macau grand Prix – which he won.

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Charlie Williams
Telford road racing guest of honour Charlie Williams is a nine time TT winner who now competes in the Lansdowne Cup series on a 500cc Patrick Walker sponsored Manx Norton. Charlie had his TT successes between 1973 and 1980, mainly competing on Yamaha machinery.

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