3 Wheels Better!

While Mick Payne was going to expand on last month’s piece on suitable tyres for sidecar combinations, he’s been distracted by a further two interesting books, and the temptation of a superb outfit-friendly holiday…

Just like buses, you wait for ages then two turn up together.

Do you fancy a sidecar holiday here?
Do you fancy a sidecar holiday here?

OBM reviewed Matt Little’s Sidecar Scrapbook last month and, by the time you are reading this, there will be a new publication for your interest.


Rod Young, one-time owner of Three Wheels Better Sidecars, has published a brace of books covering everything you need to know. From the basics such as riding skills to constructing or modifying your own outfit, it promises to cover all aspects of sidecar life.

Rod, who now lives in Croatia, ran his sidecar business from 2009, until recently retiring to the Dalmatian Coast.

He built his most popular model, the Podd, from his own designs; he is trained in engineering design and software engineering, and fitted many other models as demanded by his “hundreds of customers and eight of my own”.


Even though living abroad, he still gets requests. “I still get about six to 10 enquiries a day about fitting or building sidecars. I always had more work than I could ever do”.

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