Museums rich with motorcycle history

You’ve endured months of the motorcycle equivalent of hibernation … and with lockdowns only a recent memory too, so many of us are just clamouring to get out and about.

So with the clocks adjusted for spring, lighter nights and hopefully warmer weather, let’s get back on the open road.

We’re sure you will have your favourite route or destination, but if you are looking for somewhere a bit special, somewhere that’s inspirational, entertaining and educational, you can’t beat a great day out at one of the fabulous museums highlighted on these pages.

You can always find some interesting roads to and from any museum, and it’s also worth bearing in mind if you belong to a club, many venues offer deals for visiting groups, so give them a call and organise a bigger rideout.

Most museums have first-class restoration teams, which means you get the chance to compare an example of a complete and intact motorcycle, taking pictures of any specific colours and quality of finish to help your own project. And you can pick the brains of any experts you happen to find there!

But it’s not just bikes. There are more transport museums than pure motorcycle museums, yet most will have a selection of motorcycles in their transport collections.

Let’s face it, whatever is on display you can’t fail to be impressed with the engineering skills, the designers and builders of those bygone eras.

Each museum has dedicated staff and volunteers who have worked tirelessly to recreate history and in some cases bring it back to life for our enjoyment, plus they have great cafes and facilities making a museum a perfect destination. They deserve our support, now more than ever.

Our map highlights a range of different museums, with large displays of static and moving transport vehicles and classic bikes, begging for your attention.

So go on, support the great British museums, get out there on your classic and pay them a visit… you will not be disappointed!

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