Mystery solved... possibly

Published: 10:39AM Aug 1st, 2012
By: Web Editor
I can help unravel the mystery picture on page 3 of October’s OBM. I was serving in Norwich City Police from 1953 to 1968. The photograph was taken in front of the main entrance to Norwich City Hall. The police officer with the baton is the then Chief Constable Alan Frederick Plume who was chief from 1943 to 1963, so this dates the photo to the early 1960s.
Mystery solved... possibly

At that time the police were responsible for road safety and ‘get fit for the road’ appears to be a road safety event. It looks about to be started by the Norwich Lord Mayor who I believe was Mr Alfred Nicholls, although I am not certain.

The road safety department was headed by Sgt Stanley Furlonger and it is probably him behind the centre rider. His cap and arm chevrons can be seen but unfortunately not his face.

None of these three people are still alive. I’m afraid I cannot identify any of the three riders but club badges are prominent on all the bikes. The Norwich Vikings Motorcycle Club was prominent at the time, and could be connected.

Mike Henry, Norwich

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